We love Christmas!


Around the second week of December, we deck the pub in fresh greenery and traditional decorations to give it a proper Dickensian feel.  


We have a huge tree, a Christmas Jazz special, a brass band, and a treasured visit from the Rottingdean Mummers – a tradition that’s hundreds of years old.


In fact, we love Christmas so much that we don’t have a Christmas menu, and don’t take Christmas Party bookings.


We figure that there are people who want to enjoy a drink with their friends and family without having to sit next to Chantelle from Accounts on her third bottle of Cava as she tries to work her way through the Sales team. So we stick to the tried and tested nice food and drink and nice people for the duration of December.


We open Christmas Day from 12-2 for drinks only, and are open 12-6 on Boxing day for Rottingdean’s traditional Annual Games – again, for drinks only.


Merry Christmas!