Our Drinks

We’re all about having a nice time with nice people and a nice drink. We’ve got just over 200 products on our counter and back-bar, so we reckon there’s the right drink for even the pickiest customer, and almost certainly something new for the ‘experienced drinker’ to try.


Our Ales & Ciders

We’ve been in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide as many years as we’ve been in the pub.

Our House Ales are Harvey’s Sussex Best and Long Man Long Blonde, and we’ll usually have two or three guest ales available. Our House Real Cider is Sussex-made Seacider, and we’ll usually have a perry/pyder and another Real Cider available.

We’ve only got a great reputation for our ale because we work hard to make sure it’s in the best condition. This means your favourite might not be on while the line’s being cleaned or if there isn’t someone available to change the barrel. But there’s always a tasty alternative


Our Gins

We have just over 30 gins. That might not be as many as some bars, but we like to think every gin on our shelves is distinctly different from its neighbour. We also have a dozen-or-so mixers, and nearly as many garnishes. We also have what we hope is a helpful menu that gives a recommended combination, but helps you explore the options if you want to go off-piste.


Our Wines

We have a short list of entirely European wines. This is partly to avoid having to ship wine halfway round the world, and partly because we think that European wines are back to being great value.


Our Spirits

We have a small selection of whiskeys and rums, but they’re all great. We have some really unusual vermouths, and some pretty good sherries and ports. And a tonne of interesting liqueurs that make great long-drinks with a mixer, or a perfect night-cap.


Our Soft Drinks

Just because you aren’t drinking alcohol shouldn’t mean you can’t still drink something nice. We have a double fridge of tasty, interesting and unusual soft drinks. And, conveniently, quite a few of which are also great with booze.