St George's Festival

Saturday 22nd April

If you speak to some of the older families in Rottingdean, they'll tell you that in Days Of Old the village's festivities for St George's day were one of the highlights of the year. So, for the second time, we - with the help of the Copper Family - are attempting to resurrect this ancient tradition.


The Copper Family – themselves intrinsically linked with the history and culture of the village – form the centre-piece of the event. The Copper Family Folk Singers, an ancient Rottingdean family, are internationally famous for their traditional, unaccompanied, English folk song. They also used to run the Queen Vic, so we are delighted to be re-establishing the relationship with them and the pub.


We are also delighted to be joined by the Ragged Phoenix morris dancers, Mike Hatchard on Piano, and The Brighton & Hove Retired Greyhound Trust, plus pub games all afternoon and evening.


We’ve also a cider festival running through to the May Day weekend, with proper real local and regional ciders.



Music from Mike Hatchard                          -      2:30 - 5:15


Ragged Phoenix Morris                              -       3(ish)


Retired Greyhound Trust                            -      mid-afternoon


Copper Family Folk Singers                       -       3pm



Cider Festival 22nd April - 1st May


Real cider is produced naturally from apples with no additives or artificial carbonisation. Real perry is produced in the same way as cider but using perry pears.

During the festival, ciders and perries available will include:


On the pumps


Seacider Medium (4.6%) – House Cider - £4.25

Our house cider made by Mark and the rest of our friends at Seacider. A blend of Gala & Bramley apples from Sussex & Kent giving a crisp easy-drinking medium-dry cider. From Ditchling, Sussex


Seacider Mango (4%) – £4.30

A hint of the tropics from Mark and the team at Sea Cider – this is a moorish dangerously easy-drinking traditional medium cider infused with pressed mango juice. From Ditchling, Sussex


Lilley’s Bee Sting Perry (7.5%) - £4.50

Sweet, rich, full of honeyed pear flavours and aromas. From Frome, Somerset


On the bar


Biddenden Red Love (5%) - £4.30

Britain’s first naturally red cider produced from a red skinned, red fleshed apple called Red Love (which also makes excellent apple juice!). Still, clear medium cider with a long lasting finish. From Biddenden, Kent


Captain Lilley’s Rum Cider (4%) - £4.50

Medium Somerset cider matured in rum casks to give it a deliciously rum-flavoured edge. From Frome, Somerset



Lilley’s Darkcider (7.5%) - £4.40

Dark in colour with hints of caramel – a richly flavoured medium cider. From Frome, Somerset


Gwynt Y Ddraig Pyder (6%) - £4.50

An unusual blend of pears and apples that has been conditioned in oak to produce a well-balanced farmhouse-style juicy pyder (a blend of cider and perry). From Llantwit Fardre, Wales


Chant Badger’s Spit (7.5%) – £4.30

Hazy gold, well balanced dry cider with a rather tart finish. Made by Paul Chant who has been working closely with Britain’s oldest cider maker, Frank Naish – the apples have been pressed in what is reputedly Britain’s oldest working cider press, dating to around 1840. From Piltown, Somerset


Mr Whitehead’s Newton’s Discovery (3.8%) - £4.25

Originally made for farm labourers to drink while working in the fields, it is very light and pleasantly crisp and dry. The predominant apple variety used is Newton’s Discovery. From Alton, Hampshire




Thistly Elderflower 330ml (4%) - £4.50

The fresh fruitiness of apples combines with the heavy citrus zest of elderflowers to give a unique aroma and warm caramel colour. They spike their base farmhouse cider with real elderflowers which gives a subtle floral sweetness. From Dunbar, East Lothian


Thistly Strawberry 330ml (4%) - £4.50

Hand-picked fresh strawberries combine with traditionally made cider to give a great fruity drink that’s far superior to the mass-market brands. From Dunbar, East Lothian


Celtic Cracklin’ Rosie Perry 330ml (4.5%) - £4.20

A medium flavoured perry with a fine, delicate taste – light in colour with a faint tinge of green. From Bishop’s Frome, Herefordshire


Biddenden Biddie’s 5 (5%) - £4.75

A gently sparkling medium dry traditional cider packed with juicy crisp apple flavours. From Biddenden, Kent