The Queen Vic



The Heart of the Community

Throughout the pandemic we at the Queen Vic have worked to look after our community the best we can,

and we now pride ourselves on providing the safest, warmest, most comfortable welcome out there

The last couple of years have been a huge struggle for all of us. We hope that as we support you,  you'll support us as we all get used to our New Normal




Ian and Philip took over the Queen Vic in 2012.

We are proud to have created a pub that is at the heart of its community. 

Our warm welcome, no-nonsense approach to good behaviour, and determination to be a liberal haven all mean that we are one of the friendliest and safest pubs around. 

We fundamentally believe that by creating a traditional, community-focussed atmosphere, with high-quality and interesting products, we can create a 'proper pub' that's fit for the Twenty-first Century. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Daily Menu

All our food is home-cooked from scratch, using local, seasonal ingredients

Our meat is traditionally-reared by Farmer Henk at Redlands Farm

Our fish is (mostly) from small local day-boats

Our fruit, veg, and eggs are from small local suppliers, and is produced as locally as possible

Click here to download our daily menu


Sunday Roasts

Traditional home-style Sunday Roasts

All cooked from scratch using traditionally-reared Sussex meat from Redlands Farm

Sussex free-range Chicken

Slow-roast Sussex Pork Belly

Pot-roast Sussex Beef

Roast Sussex Lamb

Home-made nut roast

Home-made vegan sausages

(half size portions available at half the price)​

All served with roast potatoes, mixed veg, proper gravy, and a Yorkshire

All can be served gluten-free on request


Chocolate brownie with caramel sauce (gluten-free)

Cinnamon buns with cream-cheese frosting

Pear poached in Red Wine (ve)

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We will continue to offer takeaway Sunday Roasts - please click the order button below.


If you are ordering Sunday Roasts, you MUST also select the Collection Time 'product'. 


Covid-19 F.A.Q.


Why do you ask us to book?

By having pre-booked sessions we can reduce the flow of people through the building, and so reduce the risk of transmission.
Encouraging customers to book for a session reduces the likelihood of having people who are on a risky pub-crawl.
Encouraging bookings makes it easier for us to look after our locals, manage our space and keep it safe. 

What changes have you made to the building to make it safe?

We have reduced our numbers of tables and seats to make effective social distancing possible.
We have used drapes to protect seated customers from those passing close by, and to guide people through the building in a naturally socially-distant way.
We have totally screened-off the bar to protect our team.

Why are you only open Thursday to Sunday?

The changes we've made to how we operate have made it harder to break-even. By opening only on what are our busiest sessions we can reduce staff costs and hopefully become more profitable. 

Why has your menu changed?

To reduce our running costs chef is having to multi-task! Our new menu means we can carry on serving great quality food, but reduce our staffing costs.

Why do we have to order from an app? Technology scares me!

Ordering from your table by app reduces contact between you and our team.
Our app is basically an electronic menu. We hope that you'll find it easier (and possibly even fun) to look through some of our rarer and more unusual products to find your perfect drink.


THURSDAY 6-10:30

Friday 6-10:30

 SATURDAY 12:00 - 11:00

SUNDAY 12:0 - 5:00 


The Queen Vic

54 High St, Rottingdean BN2 7hf


TEL.01273 894 225