Portable Pub Lunch


£6 a day

Tuesday 26th May


Chicken and bacon  pie

Slow-cooked pork belly in gravy

Goats cheese Spanish omelette



A choice of accompaniments (see below)


Chicken noodle soup or broccoli and blue cheese soup


Wednesday 27th May

Beef in ale pie

Rump steak braised with onions and red wine

Tomato-topped macaroni cheese

Fish pie


A choice of accompaniments (see below)


  Prawn chowder or Mulligatawny soup


Thursday 28th May


Shepherds’ pie

Tagliatelle and ham bake

Rarebit topped cauliflower cheese

Grilled salmon fillet and tomatoes


A choice of accompaniments (see below)

Proper French Onion soup (non veggie)  or Borscht





Mash or buttered new potatoes or savoury rice AND

peas or carrots or broccoli  & cauliflower




 Sunday Roast

Roast chicken, roast leg of lamb, pot-roast beef, slow-cooked pork belly, nut roast, vegan sausages

Roast potatoes, mixed veg, Yorkshire pudding, gravy

Contact Laura to order on 01273  036 782 or at thequeenvicrottingdean@gmail.com