Sourcing and Sustainability

We take sourcing and sustainability seriously. We don't claim to 'source locally', and then buy mass-produced meat imported by a local wholesaler. Wherever possible, we buy direct from small, independent, local producers. However, we have to balance localism and affordability, so where this isn't possible we try wherever we can to buy as ethically as possible. 

Ethical choices and good business often go hand-in-hand. We are gradually replacing old, inefficient equipment with more environmentally-friendly kit which is cheaper to run. Old-fashioned house-husbandry in the kitchen means food waste is negligible. We are steadily reducing our commercial waste costs by recycling more, and we are phasing out single-use plastics. 

Scroll down to meet some of our suppliers. 

Redlands Farm is just outside Heathfield. Ali and Henk raise free-range chickens, lamb and beef by traditional methods, and it's simply some of the best meat in the county. Anything they don't produce themselves they source from trusted neighbours. 




Mick runs MCB Seafoods in Newhaven. They provide us with the best fresh fish landed by small local day-boats. 




If you don't know Carley, you've not spent enough time in the North Laine! Carley supplies our eggs and the majority of our veg. He sources everything as locally as possible. Our eggs are free-range, organic & biodynamic from a Sussex farm. There are few vegetable growers in Sussex, so most of our 'basic' veg comes from further afield, but it's not unusual for him to pop in with something interesting he's spotted at a local grower.

The Cheese Man is a mobile cheesemonger based in Shoreham. They source the best Sussex cheeses for us. Most of our cheeses come from Alsop & Walker in Mayfield, with Golden Cross goats' and Flower Marie (one of the best cheeses we've ever had) from Greenacres Farm in Holmes Hill


Cheese Man

We're in an out of Devesons more times a day than we care to mention. Most of our 'special diet' ingredients come from there, as well as our fruit and all sorts of interesting bits and pieces.


We get our sausages from Rushman's next door. We keep trying to get Glen to enter competitions because we're sure his sausages would win awards if he did! 


Most of our bread comes from the Village Bakery, who get it from Real Patisserie - Brighton's famous 'real' bakers. 

The Village 


Tracey and Lloyd at Olivetree Florist supply the gorgeous flowers on the counter, our orchids, and our amazing fresh Christmas decorations.